I just got an email this afternoon from the facilitator of our Visual Arts Committee workshop facilitator that they were unable to secure volunteers for tomorrow. I am hoping that two of you might be able to join us in the classroom from 1-2:30 tomorrow afternoon. Please email me and I will confirm with the first two who respond.

Thanks and sorry for the short notice!


What a week!


I hope you were all able to enjoy the snow! I know that it can be quite an inconvenience but hopefully there was some fun there too!

We celebrated Valentine’s Day today with some kind notes to one another and our Friendship Fruit Salad. We were able to observe that we each bring something different to the group and make something really wonderful when we all come together 🙂


We will now celebrate our 100th day of school next Tuesday and are looking forward to getting back to the routine.

Bon weekend!

Diversity, 100th day, and Valentine’s Day


I can hardly believe that we are already into February! This is a busy and fun-filled month for us! Our school TEAM theme this month is Diversity. We have been reflecting on and sharing all of the things that make each one of us special and unique 🙂

Next Wednesday is the 100th day of school! In grade 2, we celebrate with extra math activities!

We also had a chat the other day about Valentine’s Day. If your child chooses to bring cards, please have them bring one for everyone in the class. Check your email for the class list that was sent out by our helpful room parents at the beginning of the year.

On Thursday, instead of treats, please send one cup of pre-cut fruit in a snack container with a lid for snack on Wednesday to contribute to our Friendship Fruit Salad, which ties in perfectly with our Diversity theme 🙂

Enjoy the snow!!!

Tuesday and Scholastic


Just a reminder that Tuesday is Dress Like a Book Character Day. We’ve talked about how we still need to be able to play outside and do all of our jobs for the day. Looking forward to seeing all of their costumes!

If you are thinking of making a Scholastic order, enter the code ‘CLIFFORD’ on an online order of $30 or more for a free book pick.

Bonne fin de semaine!!

Checking in


I’m sorry for not posting in a while. We are busy in the classroom but there has not been much news to share. We are now about half way through grade two! The second term is so full of rich and focused learning, thank you so much for your diligence in getting kids to school on time and keeping in touch about attendance. Please remember to email myself and mjs callback before school begins if your child will be late or away for the day. If you need to pick up your child before the end of the day, it’s helpful to check in with me so that we can co-ordinate. Students picked up before the end of the day must always be signed out at the office, even if you’ve checked with me.

We have been making great effort to get back in the habit of speaking French and we are now working on incorporating some of the more complex and sophisticated things we have been learning about the French language into our speaking and writing. In math, we are introducing double-digit addition and subtraction through lots of fun games. Our school TEAM theme for January is Growth Mindset/Mentalité de croissance. We are talking about challenges that we face and how we can persevere though difficult tasks and setbacks. This connects so well the the Second Step work that we do and develops the resiliency needed to be a life-long learner.

Have a great week!




As we head in to the last week before the break, I want to thank you for all of your support this term. From home reading to field trips and everything in between, we really couldn’t do it without you!

We have been working hard on our reading everyday and we are incorporating our new French language learning into our speaking and writing. We’ve practiced taking double-digit numbers apart and putting them back together again and we’ve learned how to talk about it in French. We’ve also been very brave and talked about our problems and feelings and what we can do to work through them. On top of all of that, we’ve learned about ecosystems and enjoyed time outside caring for our local environment.

We are looking forward to the concert next week and popcorn and pyjama day on Friday. The PAC will kindly be making popcorn for us next Friday afternoon so please send a plastic bowl to school with your child that day. We will write a reminder in our agendas on Thursday.

Merci et bonne fin de semaine!

Winter Concert


Just a quick note about concert tickets. I have heard from a couple of families needing to exchange tickets. I am wondering if it might be most efficient to use the contact list provided by our helpful classroom parent reps if you need to make any exchanges as it can go out to all families and you can reply directly to the sender.

Thanks for your patience as we work out this new system!